Hilary Duff and husband Matthew Koma are held hostage by their children in funny Christmas card

Hilary Duff has shared her family’s relatable holiday card.

The Lizzie McGuire star took to Instagram on Wednesday to share the silly photo her family took for the Christmas card they will be sending this year. In the picture, Duff and her husband – musician Matthew Koma – are seen with their mouths taped shut as her eldest child, 10-year-old Luca, ties them to chairs using Christmas lights.

The couple’s four-year-old daughter, Banks, is seen holding the tape and smiling, while one-year-old Mae is snacking on some sweets.

“Happy Holidays!” Duff captioned the post. The Christmas card also reads, “All is not calm.”

The words “A Duff, some Bairs and a Comrie” also appear on the holiday card, in reference to their last names. Koma’s real name is Matthew Bair, while Duff shares son Luca with ex-husband and former hockey player, Mike Comrie.

The How I Met Your Father star’s holiday card received praise from friends and fans in the comments section. Others commended Duff for including all the last names of her blended family on their Christmas card.

“Best holiday card I’ve ever seen,” one person commented.

“Okay, but that is the cutest card ever,” another fan said.

“I love how you included all the last names!” said someone else, while one user wrote: “I love how you included everyone’s last name. Growing up, I was the only family member with a different name so every card that was addressed to ‘the insert fam’s last name here’s’, I always felt so left out.”

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old mom celebrated her three-year wedding anniversary with Koma. The couple honoured the special occasion by posting tributes to each other on social media.

Duff posted a series of pictures from their relationship over the years, including a black and white image from the couple’s wedding and sweet selfies with their children.

“Matthew. I love you so much. Happy three years!” Duff captioned her post. “I don’t know if you knew what you were getting into or that you weren’t going to sleep or sit down for the next 5-10 years but I think for the most part you’re pretty happy about it. Our life is so full and I’m over the top grateful for the guy that I got to do all this madness with.”

Over on his Instagram page, Koma also praised his wife with a lengthy message, in which he reflected on the past three years of marriage.

“We crushed three years @hilaryduff,” he wrote. “Anyone who says marriage is easy, hasn’t been married or is raging slightly too high a microdose. But the work is the best part. The beauty truly is in going deeper with someone than you’ve ever been before and navigating an invisible map that only the two of you can trek. The hard stuff makes the great stuff even greater.”

“Thank you ba for loving me. I know that isn’t always easy,” he continued. “Thank you for listening to every version of Springsteen doing Santa Clause Is Coming To Town this time of year and pretending you know what I mean when I scream ‘Clarance’. Thank you for letting me keep six beverages on my nightstand. Thank you for traveling to see Dawes with me in foreign countries. Thank you for raising our very cute and very unstable three kids. Thank you for being so hot and letting me do things to the body. It’s so sick.”

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