Ideas for Getting Your Skin Prepped for the Winter

It is crucial that we change and adjust our skin care routine as we move closer to the winter months and gradually leave behind the monsoons. Winter months tend to be dry, whereas monsoon months are typically muggy and sticky. Both of these situations require completely different skincare approaches; as a result, the shift in approach is dramatic but still important. Failure to adjust one’s skincare regimen during this unavoidable change in the weather can result in breakouts, persistent dryness, and other potentially harmful and troublesome skin issues. We’ve put together a list of some practical and effective strategies to prevent skin issues in winter to make the process easier for you.

Avoid taking really hot baths and showers

During the chilly winter months, taking a hot bath is a common and comfortable activity. Your skin’s health will be harmed by this approach. It further dries out the skin by destroying its natural lipid barrier. Without the drawbacks of hot water, a quick warm bath can be just as relaxing. Applying body oil before taking a bath can assist the skin maintain moisture that might otherwise be lost owing to hot water, so keep that in mind.

Be sure to use sunscreen

Although the winter months are gloomy and obscured from the sweltering sun, you should always use sunscreen. Even on the cloudiest days, the sun’s harmful UV rays can easily pass through your skin because they can easily pass through the clouds. Your skin can be better prepared for the harsh winters by using a natural sunscreen like Red Raspberry Cream, which has enough SPF protection and also functions as a moisturizer.

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Keep hydrated

One of the finest skincare advice for any season or climate is to stay hydrated. Drinking too much alcohol, coffee, tea, or sugary beverages depletes the body’s supply of essential nutrients. The greatest approach to maintain healthy skin is to drink plenty of plain old water. Additionally, maintaining hydration encourages blood circulation within the skin, which improves the skin’s capacity for self-healing.

Moisturizer is a must

The dry winters are bad for the skin. Insufficient skin hydration, which is prevalent in the winter, can contribute to chronic dryness and skin damage. Make sure to choose a moisturiser that works with, rather than against, your skin type. Because of its moisturising and moisture-locking qualities, hemp seed oil is a popular component to search for in moisturiser. It is highly-liked since it functions equally well on all skin types.

Use a healthy, balanced diet

One of the most overlooked components of an efficient skincare programme is a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables ensure that the body receives essential nutrients and that your skin is healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking.

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Fitness is essential

Exercise is essential to preparing your skin for the chilly winter months since it enhances blood flow to the skin. This inexorably raises blood oxygenation, and blood that is adequately oxygenated enhances the look and health of skin by fortifying skin cells with vital nutrients. Getting involved in physically demanding activities like yoga, running, or any other sport can greatly help your winter skin care routine.

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