In cold Ukraine village, Banksy mural offers warm bath

Residents of a bombed out Ukrainian village say that they enjoy a warm bath in a graffiti mural by Banksy.

The mural depicts a man washing his face in a tub. It is located on the ground floor in what remains of an apartment block that was hit by a Russian attack in March in Horenka (northwest of Kyiv), once at the front line of Russia’s assault on Kiev.

According to Tetiana Reznychenko (43): “This drawing makes it feel like I have washed away all the dirt that fell on us.”

Banksy confirmed that the mural was one of seven he had painted in Ukraine. Reznychenko stated that she had offered Banksy’s team a cup of instant coffee in her home, since it was cold when Banksy arrived to paint the mural.

Although she has a wood stove in her apartment, there is no electricity, heating, or running water when winter comes in.

“Winter has started, and we don’t know what the next step will be.” She said that firemen had brought non-drinking water to us. But it would freeze if we don’t move it inside.

Despite all the difficulties, she and her neighbors remain determined.

“Ukrainian people adapt to everything. No light? No problem. No problem. There are candles.

“When neighbors have electricity, we go to their homes and charge the phones and power banks. What about water? That’s OK. We managed to arrange the delivery of water, even though the government didn’t assist.”

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