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30th October 2020



Leo Daily Horoscope – Free Leo Horoscope for Today From the AstroTwins

October 17, 2020

Keep your plans simple and flexible this Saturday, Leo. Thanks to a tender tryst between the emo moon and an introspective Mercury (retrograde) in privacy-seeking Scorpio and your foundational fourth house, too much “chatter” will jangle your nerves. You may be happiest staying close to home base, though not necessarily on your own. Deep, personal conversation punctuated by comfortable silences is what you’re craving now, so reach out to a close friend (or relative, or your boo) and come up with an “itinerary” that emphasizes low-key and easy rather than hectic and “crowded.” On Sunday, stress could mount over an unfinished work project or a minor clash with a friend or colleague that got left unresolved. While this isn’t the ideal time to smooth ruffled feathers or try to track that project, you CAN think through the best steps to make this right come Monday. But don’t obsess! After you’ve deeply considered your options, table it for a time when you can actually take action.

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