29th November 2020



Quadre Rues Missed 2020 Target

 Nigeria Junior Ten­nis player, Oyinlo­mo Quadre is not happy after miss­ing out on target she has for herself in the 2020.

The 17 year old tennis star was high riding earlier in the year and set herself a target of reaching top 100 bracket.

But coronavirus which disrupted sporting activities across the world really affect­ed her reaching her goal.

”It is very depressing sometimes,” she said about her not being able to work on that goal. “Because my goal was already to be top 100 this year in the juniors and be playing junior slams. The only thing that keeps me going is positivity and my family.”

“I’ve been trying to stay positive as much as I can, that’s the only thing I can do. I also try to remind myself that everyone is in the same situation, [though] some have better chances than me.

“There are a lot of players playing right now trying to improve their rankings but I can’t because I have to work with the schedule from the centre, of which I have noth­ing in my schedule for now,” she told NTF media.

It will be recalled that Quadri defeated MaryLove Edwards in two straight sets of 6-0, 6-0 to retain her Cen­tral Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Open Tennis Championship played in Abuja.

She was fantastic in this year’s women’s singles final as proved to be her very best throughout the duration of the championship.

She also combined very well with Serena Teluwo in the women’s doubles final as they overpowered Omolayo Bamidele and Jesutoyosi Adeusi 6-2, 6-4 in the final.

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