Jennifer Lopez Shouts Out Ben Affleck’s Movie On Instagram

Jennifer Lopez hyped up boyfriend Ben Affleck’s film The Tender Bar to her Instagram followers on January 7 in her Stories. She had received a PR box from the film, which is available on Prime Video. J.Lo opened the box for the camera, noting the miniature bowling set included in the movie, which was initially released in December 2021.

“This is adorable from The Tender Bar,” she said, continuing, “Oh. A little note to me on what the movie’s based on, all this stuff from the movie in here. Cute.”

Lopez explained the bowling set, saying, “There’s a great scene in a bowling alley with Ben and the little boy [Daniel Ranieri]. Ben plays his uncle [and] they’re both amazing in the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should. This is awesome. Thank you, Tender Bar.”

The Tender Bar was directed by George Clooney and adapted from a memoir of the same name written by J. R. Moehringer. The story is about Moehringer’s life as a child in Long Island, New York, when he move into his grandfather’s house in 1972. The grandfather is played by Christopher Lloyd, and Ranieri is the little nine-year-old version of the author. Affleck plays the boy’s uncle, a bartender named Charlie, who becomes something of a father figure to him.

“There were a lot of similarities for me personally with this movie,” Affleck said in an interview with Vanity Fair in December. “My dad worked at a couple of bars. … Parents work, so I spent a lot of time being close to my dad at the bars. It didn’t seem weird or abnormal to me at all. In fact, I understand and kind of have a sense for the title of the memoir, and the movie is meant to be a little bit paradoxical at first blush. Like, how could there be this impactful, warm, nurturing environment at a bar? But I had a sense of that as a kid, and I totally connected with that, especially with my dad, in that safe space. There was a world of people there. It had a community there with people to talk to and who supported you.”

Lopez has been very supportive of Affleck’s acting career since reuniting with him in 2021. They walked down a number of red carpets together, like for the release of The Last Duel at the Venice International Film Festival. She promoted that film on Instagram at the time as well.

“I had such a beautiful time!!” Lopez wrote. “And I’m so excited for you guys to see this movie!! It’s the first script Matt [Damon] and Ben have written together along with Nicole Holofcener since Good Will Hunting!! And it’s amazing!! The acting by the whole cast is fantastic. Jodie Comer plays the lead and she is awesome!!! It was a magical trip and I hope you enjoy the pics!!”

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