Joke or real? Central Bank of Argentina propose putting Messi on their currency notes. And ‘La Scaloneta” on the back

The news of Leo Messi on the currency notes of Argentina is going viral with most newsreports quoting the financial newspaper El Financiero. “Capturing Lionel Messi’s face on the thousand-peso bill , since it is important for officials that the figure begins with a ’10’,” reported the newspaper.

There is a report on their newspaper about the alleged plan but they say it was “jokingly proposed”. Nevertheless, it was proposed by the officials of the Central Bank of Argentina, their version of RBI.

The newspaper reports that they authorities had discussed the option before the world cup final itself.

“And before you think otherwise, this option was ‘jokingly’ proposed by members of the Argentine Central Bank, although the most enthusiastic directors, such as Lisandro Cleri, a fervent supporter of Boca Juniors , and Eduardo Hecker, a follower of Independiente , agreed on that a banknote with this design would awaken the collecting spirit of Argentines,” El Financiero reported.

The newspaper also added that commemorative coins have been done in the past in the country.

“As background, the BCRA issued commemorative coins when Argentina won its first World Cup in 1978, as well as during the celebrations for the Bicentennial and for the 50th anniversary of the death of Eva Perón.”

The plan was to have Messi’s face on the thousand-peso bill and have ‘La Scaloneta” in the back, the nickname given to the coach Leo Scaloni.

“And on the back of the ticket? ‘La Scaloneta’ (the nickname of the team led by Leonel Scaloni), they say, has already done enough merit to be immortalized there, this after their victories in the 2021 Copa América, the Finalissima (the match against Italy, the most recent champion of the Euro) and Qatar 2022,” reported the newspaper.

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