Kapil Sharma recalls love story with wife Ginni Chatrath; told her it wouldn’t work out because her car was more expensive than his entire family’s worth

Comedian Kapil Sharma, who is gearing up for his first stand-up special for Netflix, spoke about his infamous drunk tweet to PM Narendra Modi, and recalled his love story with his wife, Ginni Chatrath in a new interview. Kapil, best known as the host of the popular The Kapil Sharma Show, has two children with Ginni–daughter Anayra and son Trishaan.

In an interview with The Man magazine, Kapil said that Ginni was his student back in Punjab. He said, “Ginni was in a girls’ college in Jalandhar doing her graduation, 3-4 years my junior, and I was in a co-ed college studying for a PG diploma in commercial arts. For pocket money I would participate in theatre, and visit other colleges. She was a really good student of mine. Now, of course, she’s become my teacher after marriage! She was good at skits and histrionics, so I made her my assistant. Then I found out that madam started liking me, so I explained to her that the car you come in costs more that what my entire family put together is worth! So, it just wouldn’t be possible between us…”

Kapil’s stand-up special, titled I’m Not Done Yet, will arrive on Netflix on January 28. In a teaser for the special, the comedian performed a bit about his infamous 2016 tweet, in which he tagged the PM and complained about having to pay bribes to municipal authorities despite paying Rs 15 crore in tax per year.


He said in the interview that he has mellowed with age. “Take things with humour, because there’s enough stress in the world today. One should not hurt anyone at the joke’s expense, even if it’s political satire. Being a comedian is a serious job – say whatever you want, but in a humorous way, and don’t offend the listener,” he said, adding, “Abh main sudhar gaya. You’re two drinks down with your buddies and ponder about what is going on with the country… Now, I feel I should look after my family, and that’s enough. I don’t want to do the pangas. When I’m not here, I want people to smile when they think of my name, and that will mean I had a successful life.”

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