Katha Ankahee: Aditi Dev Sharma Reacts to ‘Indecent Proposal’ Scene Promo That Has Piqued Intrigue

Aditi Dev Sharma and Adnan Khan starrer Katha Ankahee began airing from December 5. It is a remake of the popular Turkish television series Binbir Gece, which ran between 2006 and 2009, and was loosely based on One Thousand And One Nights. Ever since its premiere, the Hindi-language drama has been receiving a good response from the audience and the critics alike. The show explores the story of two people dealing with a wound that drives a wedge between them and leaves an indelible impression on them.

So far, the audience has seen Aditi’s Katha, a single mother, racing against time to source a hefty sum of money for her son’s surgery. But what has caught everyone’s attention is an upcoming highlight where Katha receives an ‘indecent proposal’ from her boss Viaan. The audience has been given a glimpse of how after multiple trials and errors, Katha is left with only one way and that is requesting Viaan to help her out with a loan of one crore rupees. But what shakes Katha’s world is Viaan’s sexual advances towards her. He agrees to pay her the amount but in return asks her to spend a night with him to test her. Standing at crossroads, Katha has to take a decision on whether to let go of her self-respect to save her son’s life, and this has left the viewers intrigued about the show’s forthcoming episodes.

Though television audiences, largely, aren’t used to themes like single motherhood and content laced with sexual subtexts, Aditi exclusively tells News18 that though the sequence when Adnan’s Viaan makes advances towards her made for a difficult one to shoot, she had no apprehension about being a part of it. She says, “I feel that there are many [such] cases that have been happening for quite some time. Hence, I had no apprehension about it because whatever shows they [creators] make are a reflection of the society. I was absolutely fine with the role.”

Aditi further elaborates, “There’s a different reason for the boss to do so [make a pass at her] because he wanted to test her and see what kind of a person she is. There are a lot many industries where a man or a woman sitting at a powerful position take advantage of their positions. It is very sad because this is exploitation.”

Sharing his thoughts, producer Sunjoy Waddhwa remarks, “The story of Katha Ankahee is about a mother and her son, and about what lengths a mother can go to save her son. The Indian audience is used to watching these things [mature themes] on OTT but I also think the television audience is matured enough to [be receptive to] a different kind of storytelling on satellite.”

He also feels that Katha’s love story that will slowly unfold through the course of the show will also be well-received as the audience is prepared to see storylines other than saas-bahu related shows. “Katha Ankahee deals with relationships and the complexities of a relationship. It is an emotionally charged story with different people being in different circumstances and dealing with their emotions and duties in life,” Sunjoy adds.

In the recent past, a new wave of television shows have come into the picture, which haven’t shied away from walking the path less travelled. So, what’s her thought on mature themes being explored on television? “I remember seeing a television show, Saans. Neena Gupta (actor) was a part of it. There have been shows ahead of their times where they have shown things like this. I think the Indian audience has been really smart and they have access to a lot of content now. If one shows them regressive shows, they will watch that. But if one shows them progressive shows which depict single motherhood or someone having an affair, it’s just a depiction of the society and that is relatable for everyone,” Aditi states, adding, “I’ve no idea when such content will be normalised but more and more people are now open to watching it.”

With the choices that Aditi has made as an actor, right from her television shows like Gangaa and Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka to films such as Mausam and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, she has struck a chord with the family audience for her image as a girl-next-door. Quiz her if she has any reservations when it comes to portraying certain themes or essaying a character on-screen, and she shares, “No, I don’t. The only thing that matters to me is that no matter what character I play, it should make sense to me. When I started my television career, I played the role of a child widow named Ganga. While playing that role, I had certain things in my mind that I objected to as an actor and the makers of the show were kind and they listened to me.”

Katha Ankahee airs on Sony Entertainment Television from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm. It is also available for streaming on SonyLIV.

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