Kelly Green Is Emerging as 2021’s Biggest Color Trend

Something that I love about color trends is how very straightforward they are and that anyone anywhere can wear them regardless of climate, budget, or aesthetic. And even though there are multiple color trends in any given year, everyone likes to name the one color that will be everywhere. I’m certainly guilty of this.

Earlier this year, many times over, I declared that the number one color trend of 2021 was destined to be bubblegum pink. While I agree that it’s an It color and that brands and people are embracing it, its popularity has been eclipsed a bit this year by none other than kelly green.

Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed as of late, I come across both full-on kelly-green outfits and ones accented by pops of kelly green (especially in the form of a Bottega Veneta accessory). I find it to be flattering on every skin tone, and it feels fresher than bubblegum pink. So I’m hardly surprised by the acute appeal. Not only that, but you don’t have to agonize over an Instagram caption when the best one is obviously the frog emoji.

Scroll on for some of my favorite kelly-green outfits and shopping (of course).

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