Lawyer reveals secret hack to get new Nike shoes for free

Fancy a new pair of kicks? (Picture: Getty / TikTok @erikakullberg)

A lawyer on TikTok named Erika has given us all a gift: a way to get free shoes from top sporting brand Nike.

Of course, this hack depends on you already owning a pair of Nike shoes, but you get the picture.

In her TikTok video, Erika plays out a conversation between herself and a Nike employee, where she asks ‘Hi, my shoe has a tear, can I get a new pair?’

The employee (played by Erika) responds: ‘You bought that almost two years ago so there’s nothing we can do since it’s been over sixty days.’

Erika says: ‘I’m not talking about the 60-day return policy. I’ve read your terms and as long as it’s been less than two years since the manufacture date (printed inside the shoe), it’s covered under the warranty and Nike will either give me a brand-new pair or a gift card for the same value.’

Erika, a finance lawyer, reads the terms of conditions of various companies in order to save consumers money and get them extra benefits they may not have otherwise been aware of.

In the case of Nike, the company’s official warranty states that items can be returned to them if they have ‘developed a flaw’, such as a tear in Erika’s case, for a brand-new pair of the same type.

If Nike no longer carry the shoes in question, then they must give you a gift card for the same value of the shoes, which then can be used to purchase a new pair on their website or in store.

However, in order to take advantage of this warranty clause, you must return your ‘flawed’ pair of shoes in store if you originally purchased it in store, or by contacting the company for a return if they were bought online.

Though this information is available on Nike’s website, many of us do not read the full terms and conditions of purchase nor do we pay attention to warranty clauses, making it little-known that this is possible.

Erika also has another hack for how to get a discount from Nike, but you have to purchase your items in store to do so.

In the video, she says: ‘I know that if I shop in store, I can get 15% off. I just have to download the Nike app and show [the store employee] at checkout.’

Worth a try, right? (Picture: Tik Tok @erikakullberg)

Though Erika has multiple Nike-related videos available on her page, they are not the only hacks she has to offer.

Many of her videos relate to airlines and the benefits customers can get if, for instance, their flight is delayed or overbooked.

She also has several videos on how to get discounts for big brands, get free books and movie tickets, and advice on how to see through the ‘tricks’ by salespeople to get you to spend more than you should.

Additionally, as a finance lawyer, she regularly offers her insight into money and work-related matters including how to get a raise at work, protect your money while in a relationship, save money on your phone bill, and how to get a higher credit score.

Her videos often end with: ‘Who taught you this? Erika, she reads the fine print so I don’t have to.’

There are clearly many advantages to reading the fine print. Thankfully Erika is doing the hard work for us.

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