Liberia: African Chess Confederation Hails Liberia’s Progress

African Chess Confederation president Mr. Lewis Ncube has hailed Liberia’s progress in the development of Chess, noting that the West African country has exceeded all expectations and has made remarkable strides.

Speaking Tuesday night in Monrovia, 4 January 2022 during the climax of the African Junior Chess Championship battle, Mr. Ncube said Liberia has made remarkable strides since 2016, emphasizing that “Liberia has actually exceeded all expectations” if you look at other federations that have affiliated, started to progress and put in place structures, tournaments and capacity building programs.

Following a week-long African Junior Chess Championship competition at the Monrovia City Hall that gathered 28 young men and women, the golden cup and the civil cup were swept away by two female players representing Algeria, while Botswana also won the bronze cup.

International Chess players were scheduled to depart Liberia on Wednesday, 5 January 2022.

Cash prizes, cups, medals and certificates were awarded to winners in different categories. At the event, Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) officials gowned international Chess delegates with Liberian Country cloths, including African Chess Confederation president Mr. Ncube.

In addition to the winning of awards at the tournament, Mr. Ncube said the winners are also qualified for scholarships to take part in the world chess championship, among other things.

Mr. Ncube recalled that he was just here in 2016 to witness the inauguration of the Liberia Chess Federation’s affiliation with the World Chess body.

He thanked LCF president Mr. William Thompson and his team for their remarkable leadership, and also thanked the executive committee for its support to the federation.

Algeria, Egypt, Botswana, Cameroon, host country Liberia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda took part in the tournament.

Angola, Sao Tome, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Kenya and two other federations could not be present in Monrovia for the tournament.

Mr. William Thompson, LCF president said the announcement to hold the tournament in Liberia was a huge challenge, but he remained confident that Liberia could do it successfully, given the level of support his leadership received.

Mr. Thompson noted that the African Junior Chess Championship in Liberia would not have been successful without the support of the Government of Liberia, adding that the Minister of Youth and Sports spent a whole night with them at the Monrovia City Hall, demonstrating the government’s support for the sport.