Looking for Holi getaway? Add these places in your bucket list

Mar 07, 2020 19:25 IST

Delhi [India], Mar 7 (ANI): Spirituality, bonfires and a plethora of colours- every year, at the beginning of Spring in India, is the Holi Festival, one of the most magnificent festivals.
Holi has no bars and boundaries, the celebration takes place with a lot of joy throughout the country. People play, chasing each other with coloured water and powder.
The festival’s intention is to bring people together and generate a feeling of brotherhood and spread harmony all around. The country is at its most vibrant and exciting during the time of celebration as people are amorous and their clothes get a new lease of life with the abundance of colour thrown about.
However, there are many places to experience different ways of celebrating the festival, and many traditions, they range from traditional temple rituals to modern parties with DJs, bhang, and plenty of colours.
So, here are some spots to celebrate Holi in India that one should not skip
1:- ‘Lathmar Holi’ in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh

The small town of Barsana is situated approximately 42 km from Mathura and is famous for its unique way to celebrate Holi. According to a travel enthusiast, the ladies of Barsana chase the men from the local village and hit them with sticks. The Barsana Holi is one of the most famous places to celebrate the festival of colours in India and will surely bring you all the vibes of Mathura Holi!
As the ladies of Barsana chase the men from the local village and hit them with sticks, the spray of colours adds to the excitement. People invoke Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha by chanting ‘Shri Krishna’ and ‘Shri Radhey’
You can also experience Laddoo Holi festivities there at Shriji Temple. Sweets are thrown around and spiritual songs related to Radha and Krishna are sung.
2:- ‘Basanta Utsav‘ in West Bengal

In the Purulia district of Western Bengal, a three-day Basanta Utsav folk festival is held. The well known Indian artist Rabindranath Tagore presented Basant Utsav or Spring celebration in Shantiniketan to reproduce the enchantment of the cheerful celebration Holi.
You’ll get to sing and play Holi along with the locals, as well as enjoy a wide variety of unique folk art. This includes the remarkable Chau dance, Darbari Jhumur, Natua dance, and songs of West Bengal’s wandering Baul musicians.
The villagers arrange the festival as a way of preserving and retaining their culture.
3:- ‘Eleholi‘ in Jaipur
The Eleholi festival in Jaipur is celebrated for several days with the faith of removing negativity and darkness from the homes by lighting a bonfire. This festival features Rajasthani folk dance, song performances, and a festive lunch but with the involvement of the huge but cute elephants.’Eleholi‘ in Jaipur

4:- Hola Mohalla‘ in PunjabHoli in Punjab is celebrated in a different style and full of energy, which is called ‘Hola Mohalla‘.
It is an occasion for the Sikhs to demonstrate their martial arts and other military sports. In the evening, enjoy the fest of colours and relishing delicacies like gujias, halwa, puris, and malpuas. This helps to strengthen the soul of the community.
There’s wrestling, martial arts, mock sword fights, acrobatic military exercises, and turban tying which is then followed by music and poetry competition to lighten the charged up atmosphere.
5:- Yaoshang‘ in Manipur

The festival of Yaoshang is celebrated with singing, dancing and other traditional performances by the people of Manipur.
It is quite a cultural extravaganza to witness with a number of folk dancers and musicians performing amid fluorescent lamps and bonfires are put ablaze while people play with gulal (powder colour). One also gets to witness Thabal Chongba dances held at different localities at night. Boys and girls get a chance to dance together to the rhythmic beats of indigenous drums and folk songs.
So, the very mention of the word ‘Holi’ draws smile and enthusiasm amongst the people and at the end, whether they are enjoying the company of their friends or chasing foes around the street. (ANI)

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