Mexico’s president leads huge pro-government rally in the capital

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Mexico City on Sunday to participate in a pro-government rally led by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The so-called ‘People’s March’ marked four years in office for Mexico’s leftist leader, and comes as a response to the wake of recent anti-government protests over plans to reform the country’s electoral authority.

The opposition fears Obrador plans to use his proposed reform to compromise the electoral institution’s independence and make it more answerable to his party.

“We consider that the fundamental issue is not quantitative, but qualitative. That is the equitable distribution of income and wealth”, Obrador told supporters.

“The ultimate goal of a state is to create the conditions for people to live happily and free from misery and fear”, he added.

Opposition voices claimed many people were forced to participate in the rally. Obrador denied the accusations, insisting that he had not put “a penny” of the federal budget into the march.

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