Milo the pug and Zelda the tortoise are best friends

They just love hanging out together (Picture: Caters News)

Have you ever wanted to see a pug and a tortoise have a snuggle? Well, you’re in the right place.

Milo the pug and Zelda the tortoise have formed an unlikely friendship, and can often be seen on their Instagram, zelda_and_mar, lounging together in the sun and sharing cuddles.

The pair live in Nottingham with owners Michelle Mitchell, 33, and her husband Tom, 36.

Michelle, a digital marketing businesswoman, said: ‘They are best friends.

‘I thought it would be nice to make a page for them both because the friendship is so unusual.

‘I love taking pictures of them, and they are so chilled out on camera.

‘I only made the account in May after considering making for a while, and we gained a thousand followers in the first few weeks.’

The couple adopted Zelda after finding her by chance when they moved with the then-one-year-old Milo to Dubai for work at the end of 2016.

Michelle said: ‘We lived in an apartment before moving to our house in Dubai and one day I noticed a tortoise had wandered into our garden.

‘We thought somebody had abandoned her or she had got lost, so we asked all the neighbours around us and used social media to see if anyone had an idea whose pet she was, but nobody knew.

‘We took her to the vets, and they discovered she was around nine years old and had no microchip, so we decided to adopt her.’

Cuties (Picture: Caters)

Zelda was named after the popular video game series which features a princess by the same name.

Michelle said: ‘My family are big fans of the games and thought the name suited as she had been on her own adventure to come and find us.’

It didn’t take long for Zelda and Milo to bond, lazing together in the Dubai sun.

She said: ‘Zelda was loving it. From an early stage, she would be outside relaxing with Milo.

‘Milo also did really well with the weather. We would always walk him in the early mornings or the evening when it was cool.

‘We moved back to the UK in 2020 after four years, again with work and to be closer to our family and friends and Zelda has since got a habitat with a basking light to replicate that heat which she loves.’

She added: ‘I used to take her out of her habitat and Milo would run up to sniff her and then would lay right next to her.

‘Zelda would also make her way over to Milo’s dog bed and often climb in with him which was very cute.

‘I have had people get in touch who also have a dog and a tortoise asking how I was able to get them to bond and I would just say it takes time.

‘Their movements and characteristics are so different so they both just need to learn about each other.’

Michelle and Tom also own a cat called Sookie, who occasionally makes appearances on social media too.

She explained: ‘Sookie is far more independent which is why she does not feature as much as the others.

‘I think she is fascinated by Zelda, but she watches warily from afar.’

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