Ministry of Education begins registration for Vidyanjali higher education volunteer programme

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has started registration for the Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Programme that aims to connect institutions of higher education with varied volunteers from the Indian diaspora namely young professionals, retired/working teachers, retired/ working government officials, professionals, and students of PG and PhD levels.

To register, individuals and institutions will have to sign up at the official website – After registering for the specialised areas that they need to volunteer for in the programme, volunteers will be able to interact directly with the academic service and activity with relevant knowledge and skillset. Volunteers can also sign up to help institutions by donating assets and equipment.

Through this portal, the volunteers can make their skills and specialised services they want to offer known to the institutions. The institutions can also, on the other hand, make their requirement known through the portal to seek volunteers.

There are almost 27 academic activities and sponsorship services that volunteers can chip in with for their services. In terms of infrastructure support, volunteers can also support institutions with basic civil and electrical infrastructure, classroom equipment for teaching, and digital infrastructure.


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