Mira Kapoor reveals the only rule she follows while on holiday, and it has many health benefits

Holidays are the perfect time to relax, indulge in your favourite foods and spend quality time with loved ones and oneself. But, holidays can also be healthy if one maintains their eating schedule and practices moderation. Looks like Mira Kapoor does just that, as she recently took to Instagram to share the only rule she follows while on a holiday.

Mira revealed that while she eats everything on a holiday, “the only rule I follow is to have a warm breakfast”.

“As a vegetarian, it’s usually a South Indian meal, and then something to mix it up,” she said as she shared a picture of a platter comprising Za’atar flat bread, a bowl of coconut chia pudding with berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries, and raw honey, along with a plate of idli-sambar and chutney.

mira kapoor Here’s what Mira prefers to start her day with (Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

What are the benefits of having a warm breakfast?

“It’s tempting to have all the delicious pastries (when they’re eggless), cereal, chilled fruit and juice. But nothing like a warm breakfast to kickstart your digestion and nourish the spleen,” she mentioned.

mira kapoor Mira Kapoor on why a warm breakfast is essential (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

How does a warm breakfast help?

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, as per various studies.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar had also emphasised on the need to have a hot, homemade breakfast.

“The blue zones of the world (where longevity is high such as Japan’s Okinawa, California’s Loma Linda) have one thing in common, a hearty breakfast. One that is fresh, home cooked and unique to that region. Even in India, regions which are known for their breakfast also live longer than the national average – Kerala, J&K, Punjab, Maharashtra. The idli or appam in Kerala, the bread or the noon chai of Kashmiri, paratha of Punjab and poha of Maharashtra are well known and widely eaten,” she noted in an Instagram post.

As per Diwekar, a warm breakfast

*Kickstarts your day with a nutritious meal
*Prevents headaches and acidity during the day
*Optimises micro-nutrient delivery and assimilation, especially important for people with low vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron
*Ensures that your cortisol levels stay in a balanced state (reduces stress)
*Prevents binge-eating and overeating later in the day
*Reduces the need to consume stimulants like tea, coffee, cigarettes, and chocolates
*Allows for growth of diverse gut bacteria

What should one ideally have for breakfast?

“It must be homemade, local to your region and cooked fresh. And the ones that come out of boxes and bottles, like packaged cereals, oats, smoothies and juices must be avoided,” she mentioned.

Diwekar suggested a few options depending on one’s schedule

*If you have lunch by 1pm or later, have traditional, time tested breakfast, unique to your region. Poha, Upma, Idli, dosa, noon chai, paratha, poori sabzi, missi roti, kulath paratha, bajra khichdi, etc.

*If you have to leave very early or eat lunch by 11 am, have nuts, or a fruit like banana.

*If you have no time to cook, have rice or chapatti from previous night. There’s also Amboli, sattu, homemade laddoo with millets, pulses, nuts and jaggery. Or a cup of milk with dry fruits.

As per Diwekar, people who should never skip breakfast are

*Women with irregular periods
*Those who workout in the morning
*People with stressful jobs
*People with low immunity

What do you have for breakfast?

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