Modify Law That Will Allow Passengers to Travel with Pets in Public Transport

After the death of a dog in the trunk of a bus, the deputy of the National Liberation Party, Roberto Thompson, proposed a bill to modify a traffic law to allow citizens to travel with their pets on public transport, but without affecting to the other users.

Article 47 of the Traffic Law ensures that animals are prohibited from traveling in buses, taxis or trains, with the exception of assistance animals for people with disabilities.

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“ARTICLE 47.- Causes to prevent the entry or overflow of passengers: The drivers of vehicles destined for public transport, as well as the traffic officers and other police authorities are authorized to prevent the entry or demand the removal of passengers who are inside the vehicle, when the following conditions are present: […] b) That the passenger carries sharp objects, unauthorized weapons, explosive, dangerous materials or animals, except for assistance animals for people with disabilities or pets in care of their owners who must ensure that their transport does not affect other users”.

Cruel conditions

The green-and-white legislator explained through his social networks that he considers it cruel for an animal to travel in the trunk of a bus, since it does not have the conditions for them to be comfortable.

“I consider animal cruelty to send a living being to the trunk of a car or a bus, where the conditions do not exist for it to survive, which is why my motivation is the protection of those living beings that we want as one more member of the family. ,” said.

In addition, he explained that the country needs to update Article 47, so that animals can have their right to be transported with their owner. “Costa Rica must take a step forward in this matter and update its regulations to allow pets to be transported safely for both themselves and passengers,” he added.

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