Most of Omicron’s Symptoms are Like Common Cold. This One, However, Is Completely Different

The Omicron variant of Covid-19, dubbed even more transmissible than the lethal Delta variant which often fatally affects the lungs, has come with its own set of symptoms. Some of them make it difficult to different having the disease vs a common cold, but according to emerging reports, patients are experiencing excruciating body pain, especially lower back pain after becoming infected.

According to a report in the National World, new data from the ZOE Covid study app suggests there are two new signs of Omicron infection that affect the body differently than other common symptoms. According to Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, more people are now reporting feeling nauseous in the early stages of infection.

In a YouTube video, he stated that this symptom is becoming more common among people who have been double vaccinated and boosted, but the effects of the variant are still generally mild. Lower back pain is another emerging symptom in people with Omicron.

Data from the UK, US, and South Africa, where the mutation was discovered, indicate that this is also one of the early warning signs of Omicron. The lower back pain then develops into muscular pain throughout the body, the report says.

A resident of Vikhroli, Namrata told Times of India that her symptoms began with sore throat, chills and fever, and that within a day, she was experiencing acute pain in her legs and back.

She said that every bone in her body was hurting, adding that by the third day her pain eased. Another Andheri resident told TOI that while basic fever medication relieved her fever and most other symptoms, severe pain in her lower back was something she’d never experienced.

According to a Covid study from the symptom tracker app ZOE, the most common Omicron symptoms are:

-Throat irritation

-Runny nose


-Low-grade Muscle aches


Night sweats are another common Omicron symptom, and other symptoms such as congestion, brain fog, and skin rashes have been reported.

Physician Dr Hemant Thacker told TOI that backache, low grade fever, throat irritation were classic signs of flu seen in Omicron patients. He said patients suffering from Dengue also experienced similar symptoms, and began improving by the third or fourth day.

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