Move Over Kulhad Waali Chai, Kulhad Coffee Is The New Drink We Are Obsessed With

It was not long before we came across the enthralling experience of drinking chai in a kulhad, the kulhad waali chai instantly became a hit with many of us chai lovers and has enjoyed a staunch fan base for years now. There is just something about the hot pippin chai in an earthen cup that gives it a true desi and authentic taste, not to forget these tiny kulhads look fabulous to hold too. Since then, from kulhad momos to kulhad pizza, many food items have been sold under the clout of their ‘desi-ness’ with the help of the humble kulhad. However, to the relief of many coffee enthusiasts, we finally have a rightful competitor to Kulhad waali chai, and it is none other than Kulhad waali coffee!

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Yes, coffee lovers can finally rejoice and proudly flaunt their favourite beverage in the most desi way possible. The woody and zesty flavours of steaming coffee are enhanced when poured into a kulhad, the earthy feel of the beverage is too good to miss and that’s what the comments on this Instagram reel say. Recently, an Instagram page by the name @crafians has uploaded a reel showing the process of how this Kulhad beaten coffee is made, the video has received over 1.1 million views, 70.5k likes, and 167 comments. The café serving this Kulhad beaten coffee is located in Gurugram and is called ‘B Ten Café’. Look at the video here:

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The steaming hot kulhad beaten coffee is drizzled with coffee powder before being served to the customers, many of who commented on the video saying how good it tasted. One comment read “Tried it .. bohot mast lagti hai” (Tried it, it feels great), and the other one read “It looks so droolicious”. While the majority of the people praised the Kulhad beaten coffee, many were quick to point out that it looks like a desi version of Dalgona coffee. One comment read “Desi dalgona hua na” (Isn’t it desi Dalgona) and another read “kya kulhad beaten… Dalgona coffee hai” (How is this Kulhad beaten, it is Dalgona coffee).

And much like any other post forging the chai-vs-tea argument, chai lovers made sure to leave comments about how it can never compete with Kulhad waali chai. One comment read “But can’t compete with chai in kulhad” while the other read “kuch bhi krlo chai to chai hai” (Do what you may, you can’t replace tea) and “Kulhad me chai he ache lagte hai coffee nhi” (Tea tastes good in kulhad, not coffee).

What are your thoughts on the Kulhad beaten coffee? Will you give this a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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