Mumbai-based CA Tops CAT 2021, Says Being Selective in Attempting Questions is the Mantra

Most B-school aspirants find CAT to be one of the toughest entrance exams, Mumbai-based Neelay Jain, however, seems to have belled the CAT. The 23-year-old in an exclusive interaction with said that the key is to know which questions to attempt during the exam and which ones to leave.

“For CAT the aim is not to solve everything. It is a decision making paper. A Candidate can solve only 60-70 per cent of paper with good accuracy and land a chance to score well. So focus should be on accuracy and decision making and take the candidate long way,” he added.

Jain, who has also cleared Chartered Accountancy and holds an MCom degree says, CAT is all about “making quick decisions”. He claims to have understood his strengths and could make decisions during the time-bound exams as he has been practising mocks for quite some time now.

“I attempted previous year papers, and carefully analyzed my mistakes and worked on them. I gave about two to five minutes before starting any section. I devoted this time to identifying my stronger areas. I use to give around 2-3 minutes in VARC and 4-5 minutes in DALR to identify which questions I should be picking,” said Jain.

Jain has scored an overall percentile is 99.98. He got 99.91 percentile in verbal ability, and reading comprehension, 93.45 percentile in data interpretation and logical reasoning, and 95.88 percentile in quantitative ability.

CAT 2021, Neelay Jain scored 99.98 overall percentile

An MCom in business management from HR college of Economics in Mumbai, Neelay started his exam preparations almost four months ago. “I choose to not work while preparing for the exam, so every day I could dedicate from 8-10 hours for preparation.”

“My main preparation was from T.I.M.E study material and social media platforms. I joined a few channels on social media platforms including Telegram to get article material,” he said adding, “There are several channels on Telegram, one of them is called Article bank where one can get reading article material every day.”

Asking the aspirants candidates to have a balance between their hobbies and studies, Neelay said, “During my preparation time, I use to get up at around 7 in the morning, give 4-5 hours to my study during the first half and after a break I would invest for a couple of hours more in the second half. By 7 am, I would get done and post that I use to play football with my friends daily and watch formula one.”

Neelay is currently preparing for GD, he said, “For GDPI preparation, I am reading newspapers every day and keeping an eye on the upcoming budget section.”

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