Netflix password sharing is ending soon, what you should know

The long-coming end to the practice of password sharing is nearing, at least for Netflix, as the streaming giant plans to crack down on password sharing starting in 2023.
The Washington Journal reports that Netflix plans to stop users from sharing passwords next year, hoping to turn these “sharing is caring” users into new subscribers. The streaming platform long thought of stopping password sharing, but the pandemic delayed its plans, which also brought a lot of new customers, but now that the downfall has begun, the company has decided to go ahead with its plan to end sharing and increase its users.
Netflix has considered that ending password sharing may not go well with customers, as per the report, and to tackle the backlash, the streaming giant will proceed gradually, so the end may not come suddenly.
The streaming giant even considered adding pay-per-view titles, similar to its competitor, Amazon Prime Video, so users would refrain from sharing passwords with others, as it may increase their bills. But, people familiar with the development say that the company decided to scrap the idea because executives thought it would take away the “simplicity.”
Love is not sharing a password, streaming 2023, on Netflix
It is quite a turnabout for the company, which once said, “Love is sharing a password,” even though it was Netflix’s reason for slow growth. But, now, the company is not happy with sharing passwords, as it costs it money, around $721 million, in US and Canada, the revenue it could generate if the people, around 30 million of them, stop sharing passwords.
Meanwhile, around the world, there are 100 million such users who do not pay for their accounts and borrow passwords from their family members or friends.
Earlier this year, it began testing the waters in Latin America, charging users to add an extra member who does not live with them or transfer the profile to a new account, which would have bought a new subscription.
Even though some customers have complained about the new practices, many are choosing to pay extra. We can expect a similar approach to be taken in other regions, first in the US, beginning early next year.
This year, Netflix updated its terms of service, stating that the account can only be shared among the people who live together, and it has long said that the person paying should keep control and not share it with others. But, from the next year, the platform could begin forcing this on people.
However, first Netflix will have to figure out how to differentiate between family, who are living together, and friends, who do not live together, if the company is using IP addresses, to segregate. Primarily in markets like India, where users watch most of the content on their phones out of their homes.

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