Newly promoted teams introduced to Division One

The Herald

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THE Northern Region Soccer League have met the newly-promoted Division One teams for an induction process.

A total of six clubs namely Moors World of Sport, ZRP Harare FC, FC Prison Stars, Omnia FC, Concession United and Shamva Mine were recently promoted from the region’s three leagues.

According to the league’s vice president Sweeney Mushonga, the meeting’s main objective was to orientate teams coming from the lower leagues for smooth transition next season.

“The main objective of the meeting was for the region to bring the new teams up to speed with the expectations of the league and help close the seemingly wide cleavage on the conduct of the two leagues.

“The league went further and detailed the obligations of the clubs with respect to each stakeholder, namely the players, match officials, fans, police and lastly the league itself,” said Mushonga.

The ZIFA Grounds Committee is set to tour the venues of all the newly promoted clubs.

“The league advised the clubs that they will tour the venues of each respective team and carry out a preliminary assessment on whether the said venues met with the set conditions.

“Where the existing structures fall short of the obtaining standards, the respective clubs would be required to attend to such areas ahead of visits from the ZIFA grounds committee.

“The clubs are also expected to furnish the league with a template of their contracts with players.

“It was emphasised that a contract must have a start date and an end date. Obligations of the players must be clearly spelt out so as his remuneration and other benefits, with dates on when such benefits are due and payable,” said Mushonga.

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