No sleep ’til Gumpendorferstrasse

“When I sent an express letter to Vienna, a rather overwhelmed and tired post person in our local post office, after looking at the address, asked me to translate it into English,” says Renate Wagner of Lane Cove. “I was stunned. How can I translate an address? I know Gumpendorferstrasse might look very foreign to anybody who is not a German speaker. I told her it can’t be translated and if I knew how to do it, it wouldn’t get there. The post person might have known something I didn’t know because many days later, the express letter is still on a flight and hasn’t arrived.”

Bryan O’Keefe of Kembla Heights “Was driving behind a work ute this morning with Entrance Solutions on the back. I think they were called doors once.”

“Lambert Centre may be the geographical centre of Australia (C8) but I recollect seeing a roadside sign at Eromanga in Western Queensland proclaiming it to be the ‘furtherest’ town in Australia from the ocean,” says Leo Corbin of Kogarah.

David Gordon of Cranebrook recalls that “Alan Moir caricatured Tony Abbott as Popeye (C8) in the Herald. Was the onion he ate hallucinogenic, prompting him to declare ‘Good government starts now’?”

“I wish to protest once again that Granny is still publishing her coterie of pet contributors to Column 8 in proportions far beyond what I consider reasonable,” writes Frank Riley of Koolewong. “I would like to see a wider choice of contributors to grace the column. It becomes tedious and boring to be assailed by the same few whose input, whilst being interesting, becomes predictable and smacks of favouritism. I don’t know whether Granny has vested interests in favouring these happy few or whether she fears swimming out into deeper waters with new contributors, or is even being somewhat lazy. Only she can say. Give other people a chance to display their wit and their opinions, Granny, beginning with me. Ha, ha! As if you would. Still, I dare you to do it just to show your courage.” To be perfectly frank, that truly is a fine display of wit.

Well, Crimbo is coming up fast and with that in mind, Granny would like to wish all contributors (yes, even you Frank) the very best for the season. May your crackers explode and your in-laws behave and may you all stay safe and sound. Cheers!

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