Oddly Satisfying: Slow-Motion Video Shows An “Eggsplosion” Inside Microwave

The Internet is filled with videos of people doing bizarre experiments. From egg panipuri to chocolate manchurian, we have seen it all across social media. Now, we have found a video that talks about raw eggs. FYI: this is not a weird combination recipe! The clip shows what happens when we try to microwave a raw egg with its shell intact. The experiment was tried and recorded originally by a person who goes by the name “Nile Red” on Instagram. But the slow-motion video picked up steam after it was shared by YouTube on the photo-sharing app. It shows a “regular egg” being put into an active microwave and waiting for what happens next.

Nile Red, who comes across as a person interested in studying chemistry, said, in the video, that he wanted to see what happens to the egg when he puts it into a microwave. “At first, it didn’t look like too much was happening,” he added. Then, the egg started “sweating” and Nile thought a lot of pressure was building up inside the shell.

After some more time, the egg could not hold it and burst into an “eggsplosion”.

“Cracked under the pressure then exploded, what a way to go,” commented a user.

A person wrote, “This is eggxactly what I needed to see.” 

“Imagine if that chicken who pooped this egg saw it,” read one of the reactions. 

While this was an interesting experimentation in a microwave oven, did you know that you can actually boil eggs in it? How, you ask? Here’s the tip: do not try the above experiment.

Put eggs in a bowl and fill it with water. Then add some salt to the water. The salt prevents the eggs from exploding under pressure. Here’s the detailed guide.  Surprisingly enough, you can poach the eggs too.

Try these techniques and make yourself boiled or poached eggs anytime of the day.

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