Ontario City Council adopts map, timeline for district-based voting – Daily Bulletin

Ontario City Council this week adopted the city’s first districting map along with a schedule to implement district-based voting by 2026.

The council voted during the Dec. 20 meeting to adopt Map 17, which divides the city into four districts and details on implementation for future elections.

District 1 starts at Benson Avenue and the 10 Freeway and expands to North Allyn Avenue and Mission Boulevard. District 2 picks up at Mission and expands to East Walnut Street, between South Benson Avenue and ends just after South Vineyard Avenue. District 3 runs from Euclid Avenue to Hammer Avenue and along Walnut Street and the 60 Freeway. District 4 starts at South Etiwanda Avenue and expands to North Allyn Avenue and sits between East 8th Street and ends at the 60 Freeway. District 4 will encompass Ontario International Airport.

The city adopted a resolution to begin the switch to district voting in February 2020.

Redistricting was pushed back as the city waited for 2020 Census data and then it was delayed again during the pandemic.

Starting in April, the city held public hearings and city workshops to work on the district map and engage residents on a timeline to implement the new structure.

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