Opinion: How should modern society deal with the story of Santa Claus?

Santa Claus story has its roots in reality

Re “Why Santa Claus himself should be on the naughty list” (Dec. 21): William L. Vanderburgh’s take on Santa Claus has merit but offers no alternative. The Santa myth comes from Nicholas of Turkey in 280 CE. He became a priest and bishop of Myra. His faith motivated him to love his neighbor with actions of practical help. For more details of his life google Saint Nicholas – Patron Saint, Feast Day and Santa.

Nicolas’s message was love people and be generous, particularly to the poor and children, a model for emulation. Nicolas’s life is the root story of how humanity developed the present Santa Claus legend.

I suggest we return to the Nicolas model for our Christmas celebration and a model of healthy behavior.

Scottie Lloyd


Nothing wrong with a little Santa fantasy

I was just wondering if the professor felt that way about Santa as a child or did he develop his attitude about Santa when he became a professor of philosophy.

OK, a belief in Santa is not reality, but to me as a parent, a grandfather and great-grandfather its just human nature for me to want to make life a little more fun for kids. What I have discovered during my life is that sometimes a person is a little too much educated for the good of society.

Anthony R. Mireles Sr.

Skyline Hills

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