Pandav Nagar Murder Case: CCTV Captures Mother-Son Duo Dumping Man’s Body Parts At Night

A CCTV footage accessed by cops in connection to the Pandav Nagar murder case — where a man’s body was chopped and disposed off by her family — revealed the accused mother-son duo used to dump the body parts together in and around Pandav Nagar and East Delhi at night.

In the footage, the accused son, Deepak, was seen carrying a plastic in his hand at night. Her mother, Poonam, too, was seen following her. The victim, Anjan Das’, body was chopped and stored in fridge after being killed.

After the CCTV footage was released, cops said it could be one of the times, when the son had left the house to discard the pieces. His mother, Poonam, can also be seen following him. According to cops, a footage from the same CCTV caught the two looking for isolated places where they could dump the parts.

Delhi Police’s Special CP (Crime), Ravinder Yadav, said: “Poonam and Deepak dumped the body pieces in isolated areas like behind Ramlila Maidan, and New Ashok Nagar drain. The duo had also buried the skull.”

Yadav added: “Situation in Anjan’s family worsened after Deepak got married and deceased use to have ill intentions towards his wife and one of Deepak’s sisters, who used to live with them. Anjan also took all their earnings but was not willing to working himself.”

When asked about the murder, the accused, Poonam, said that Anjan Das used to have ill intentions towards her children and that’s one of the reasons why his son killed him.

During a press conference, Amit Goel, Deputy Commissioner Police (Crime), Delhi Police, said: “On June 5, some body parts were recovered in Ramlila Maidan, East district. Then for next 3 days two legs, two thighs, a skull and a forearm were recovered. It was then that a case was filed.”

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