Perpetual Music: Sonya Yoncheva puts on a unique performance in Berlin

Bulgarian opera star Sonya Yoncheva is one of the most exciting sopranos in the classical music industry.

She recently performed at the Rolex Perpetual Music Concert, which took place at the Berlin State Opera, alongside a very select range of talented musicians, she chose especially to perform alongside her.

For this episode of Musica, Euronews went to the special concert and spoke with Sonya.

She told us the advice she gave her artists before the concert started.

The mandolinist Avi Avital played a song, based on a traditional Bulgarian folk song called ‘Bučimiš’ that he learnt from an accordion player.

Sonya said she was very happy he had chosen to play the song because it originated from her home country.

“When I discovered that he wanted to perform this, I said, wow, you’re going to break my heart,” she added.

After months of isolation because of Covid-19, the musicians at this unique concert found their audience again – and their sense of purpose, as tenor Charles Castronovo explained.

You can watch the full concert on

The replay is available until the 31 December 2020.

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