Poland to put German Patriot missiles near border with Ukraine

NATO allies Poland, Germany, and Ukraine have agreed to station additional Patriot missile launchers near Poland’s border with Ukraine after an offer by Berlin, Poland’s defense minister said on Monday (21 November).

Mariusz Blaszczak tweeted: “The German Defence Minister confirmed she will deploy the Patriot launcher on the border with Ukraine.

“The system’s version remains to be determined as well as how fast they will reach us, and how long they will remain stationed.”

According to Christine Lambrecht, the Defence Minister of Berlin, Warsaw was offered the Patriot missile defense system by Berlin in order to secure its airspace following a stray ballistic missile that crashed in Poland last week.

After the incident, the German government said that it would continue to help its eastern neighbor in air policing with German Eurofighters. This initially raised concerns about the possibility of a spillover from the conflict in Ukraine.

According to NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, the missile that struck Poland last week and killed two people appeared to be accidentally fired by Ukraine’s air defenses, rather than a Russian strike.

Ground-based air defense systems like Raytheon’s Patriot (RTX.N Patriot) are designed to intercept missiles.

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