Priyanka Gives Up Rs 25 Lakhs of Prize Money to Save Ankit Gupta

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Last Updated: December 22, 2022, 06:52 IST

Priyanka Chahar gives up the chance to gain back Rs 25 lakhs to save Ankit.

Day 81 in the Bigg Boss house had an interesting ration task where the housemates’ self-control was tested.

Day 81 in the Bigg Boss 16 house began with a clash between Tina Datta and Sreejita De over making breakfast. Tina says she is unwell and might not be able to make breakfast. She then says she will make it after a bit of rest. Sreejita keeps asking her to get up and make breakfast. After telling her a number of times, she asks if Tina isn’t feeling well, she can say so.

Tina gets annoyed that Sreejita is constantly questioning her despite the fact that she said she will make breakfast after a bit of rest. Archana supports Tina and tells Sreejita to not continuously pester her.

Later, Tina questions MC Stan on why he nominated her. Stan tries to explain, and also says she made friends with him because of his fan following. Tina starts crying at this point, saying she had no idea about Stan’s popularity when she came into the house. Shalin Bhanot tries to console Tina.

Week 12
CaptainMC Stan, Soundarya Sharma, Sreejita De
NominationsTina Datta, Ankit Gupta, Vikkas Manaktala
TaskRation task to ignore outside distractions
ResultsHousemates lose one basket of ration
TwistsPriyanka gives up Rs 25 lakhs to save Ankit

Soon after, Priyanka is called into the confession room, while the other housemates are asked to gather in the living room. Bigg Boss gives her a choice – she can press the buzzer and gain Rs 25 lakhs of the prize money, but her close friend Ankit Gupta, who is nominated this week, will be eliminated. Priyanka says she cannot send her friend home, and gives up the chance to win back Rs 25 lakhs.

Bigg Boss gives the housemates a very difficult task this time to earn their ration. He sends people to distract housemates in the house in various ways. If the housemates react, they get strikes, and three strikes mean one basket of ration is taken away from them. After two rounds of the task, Bigg Boss says that the task would continue the next day.

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