pTron BassBuds Tango review: Solid sound and connectivity, but is that enough?

The pTron BassBuds Tango is the latest budget-entry from pTron in the TWS market. Yes, it is affordable at Rs 1,299, but is it a good deal? Here’s what I thought after trying out the product for about a week for music and calls.

pTron BassBuds Tango: What’s good?

These entry-level TWS earbuds sound good for the price you pay. The audio output is not rich and when compared to more expensive models, you will definitely feel the sound lying flat. However, keeping my expectations real at this price point, I found the experience still enjoyable.

The slightly bass-heavy output doesn’t distort on tracks with major drops like Radioactive by Imagine Dragons or Namastute by hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut. The volume can also get pretty loud and there is great noise isolation thanks to the silicon tips. So, you would rarely find yourself going above 60 per cent volume.

Treble levels are crisp and while they may be overshadowed a little by the bass, especially with hip-hop and EDM playlists, I wouldn’t call the experience ‘unbalanced’ as you can still enjoy vocal-heavy tracks here like Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or My Immortal by Evanescence. Throw in an Eminem rap with a bass-heavy beat like Till I Collapse and you can still listen to each syllable nicely.

pTron BassBuds Tango, ptron BassBuds Tango review, Connectivity is great on the earbuds. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

Connectivity is surprisingly great too, and once you pull out the buds from the case the reliability is solid until you cross the 9-10 meters barrier or let two walls get between you and your phone. However, the connection can take a single concrete wall easily.

The touch-based gestures are also nice here and have great sensitivity. In fact they’re sensitive enough to pause playback when my dog comes close to have a quick sniff at the new object in my ear. The calling-out of phone numbers when you get a call is also handy when your phone is out of reach.

These have enough juice on a full charge of the buds and case to last you a full week at moderate use, although some may find the charging a little slow. Thankfully, it still is a USB-C port so you likely don’t need a separate cable on your next trip.

pTron BassBuds Tango: What’s not good?

The ptron BassBuds Tango comes with a very simple, uninspiring charging case. While that alone is not a bad thing, my main issue here is the lack of a secure fit once you put the buds in the case. The lid snaps on nicely, but give the case a light shake and the person sitting next to you on a bus could hear the racket inside. It almost sounds like shaking a matchbox.

While the plastic build of the buds and case itself is fine, unwanted movement is one compromise too many, even at this price. The tight lid has a satisfying shut, but if it does get loose over time, expect more noise.

pTron BassBuds Tango, ptron BassBuds Tango review, The pTron BassBuds Tango come with a loose-fitting case. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

I must also mention that despite the advertised “ENC” (Electronic Noise cancellation) capabilities of the earbuds, call quality is pretty average overall. It works fine indoors, but throw in some nearby traffic and things can get messy quickly.

While there isn’t much else here to complain about, if I had to nitpick, I’d pick the lack of a button or multi-level charging LEDs on the case, which makes the pairing and battery-checking process a little more tedious, but then again, these are compromises commonly found at this price.

Verdict: Should you get the pTron BassBuds Tango?

If you’re on a tight budget and want a simple, reliable pair of earbuds for your basic music needs, the pTron BassBuds Tango are not bad at all for an entry-level product. The sound quality is decent and connectivity, which is often a pain point at this price, is pretty solid and so is the gesture support.

Good outdoor call quality at this budget remains a myth, but the BassBuds Tango are acceptable indoors. However, the earbuds could have featured a better fit in the case, the only major downside here. Unfortunately this is something that a software update can’t fix.

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