Real estate sectors of Baku and Dubai have similarities – BlackOak Real Estate

BAKU, Azerbaijan, December 23. Real estate
sectors of Baku and Dubai have similarities, Partner and Managing
Director of the UAE’s BlackOak Real Estate company Riad Gohar told

As part of his visit to Baku, which was organized in partnership
with Dubai Chamber International Office in Azerbaijan, he stated
that the goal of his visit is to connect, learn about opportunities
for mutually extending services, and gain an understanding of
Baku’s economy.

“Real estate in Baku is a fast moving and very developing
industry, which has similarities to that of Dubai,” he said.

Gohar mentioned that the two cities had seen a tremendous
transformation over the past 20 years in the real estate

“Baku has an incredible mix of beautiful modern sleek
architecture with historical parts, which represents the mix
culture of the city,” he said.

“Dubai is not only about tourism, it has way more to offer in
terms of consumer market. Investors could be sure that this city
has safe investment environment,” Gohar added.

Meanwhile, as part of his visit to Baku, Gohar participated at
the “Invest in Dubai” business luncheon by Dubai Chamber
International Office in Azerbaijan and UAE Embassy in Baku, held on
December 8. Dubai International Chamber, one of the chambers
operating under Dubai Chambers, leverages its global network to
enable local businesses to expand to global markets and attract
foreign direct investment into the emirate, enhancing Dubai’s
position as a highly competitive global economy and a preferred
global business hub.

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