San Diego must make better use of its municipal golf courses

Re “San Diego seeking ways to create revenue” (Dec. 18): San Diego officials first approved payment for the Ash Street fiasco and now they’re cash strapped and looking for new revenue streams. The answer of course is new taxes and fees.

The city does have resources that will generate revenue that doesn’t even include building more condos. With the well-run Torrey Pines municipal golf course as an exception and example, the rest of the municipal golf courses in San Diego are in a ridiculous state of disrepair. The Balboa Park Golf Course clubhouse is situated on a hill with prime views of the Downtown skyline and yet it’s old and empty.

The same can be said for the Mission Bay Golf Course clubhouse. Both locations should have nice restaurants and, more importantly, both could be wedding venues, which would employ many and generate revenue. But our city politicians can only think of taxes and spending because they’ve never had a real job in they’re lives.

Laurie Preece

University City

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