Say goodbye to scanty periods with this herbal home remedy

Out of the many menstrual problems women face, scanty periods is one that can lead to stress and become a cause for concern.

While one can always consult an expert, there is a simple home remedy that may work to help not only solve the issue but also with period pain.

As per yoga trainer Juhi Kapoor, a herbal tea remedy with shahi jeera or caraway seeds is what you can try.

“Many times, women face scanty periods and this could be a function of stress/hormonal imbalances or other medical concerns. However, one can try to resolve this with simple home remedy of a herbal tea!” she said in an Instagram post.

“In this recipe we are using caraway seeds or shahi jeera. Shahi jeera is used extensively in medicines and cooking, too. This is darker and tastes much sweeter than normal jeera,” she mentioned.

How to make?


1 tsp- Caraway seeds
2 cups – Water
1 tsp – Jaggery

CARAWAY SEEDS Caraway seeds are a little darker in colour in comparison to cumin seeds. (Source: Pixabay)


*Soak one teaspoon of caraway seeds in two cups of water overnight.
*Next morning, boil and reduce the concoction to one cup.
*Add one teaspoon jaggery.

How to have?

*Strain and have half of the decoction in the morning and other half in the evening.
“Do this only for three days before your monthly cycle,” she said.

“This tea can help you with period pain tremendously as well,” she added.

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