See Zendaya Recreate Linda Evangelista’s 1992 Valentino Look for ‘Euphoria’ Press

Zendaya attended the Euphoria season 2 photo call last night in a vintage look designed before she was born. Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach dressed the actress up in a black and white striped Valentino spring/summer 1992 jumpsuit. ’90s supermodel Linda Evangelista originally wore the outfit on the runway with bright red hair, and Zendaya, with her own red hair, recreated the look. (Zendaya, by the way, was born in September 1996, four years after the collection debuted.)

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zendaya in vintage valentino


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For comparison, here’s Evangelista in the look originally:

linda evangelista at the 1992 valentino show

Bertrand Rindoff PetroffGetty Images

Zendaya spoke to Interview last month about how playing her Euphoria character Rue changed her. She stressed that Euphoria isn’t showing teens to idolize; it’s humanizing their experience.

“The show’s intention, for all of us who make it, is to open up the door to empathy for another person’s experience,” she said. “Rue has helped me do that, tremendously. Before meeting Sam [Levinson, Euphoria creator], before playing Rue, I didn’t understand in grave detail the experience of what it means to be an addict. Nor did I feel I had enough—maybe some, but not enough—empathy for that experience and how it is, like your character Ali says, a degenerative disease. My hope is that the show makes somebody who has either gone through addiction, or knows somebody who has, feel they are less alone in their experiences, and that maybe it gives somebody the lexicon to communicate with their loved one who needs help, or it gives the ability for that loved one to say, ‘Listen, this is how I feel. I couldn’t explain it to you, but just watch this and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.’ Because the cool thing about Rue is, she makes bad decisions and she hurts a lot of people, but we still love her and we still root for her, and that’s a feeling that I hope people will take on with their own loved ones or other people suffering from addiction.”

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