Sending A Thank You Note This Holiday Season? Here’s How to Pen the Perfect One

Despite the continuous rise of social media and the digitized world we live in, results of the Webinar Care Survey found that 81% of respondents considered a handwritten note to be more meaningful and genuine than other formats including e-mail or text. A shocking statistic especially amongst millennials and Gen Z, yet one that makes sense.

Seize the opportunity this holiday season to show your friends, family, and loved ones how much they mean to you. Put pen to paper and unleash your emotions. Eirini Petratou, Research Expert, BIC Cello, shares a few tips to help you pen down the perfect holiday greeting notes.

Think about your message and the writing tools you use: Preparation is key for the perfect holiday card. Your choice of stationery and card material will have a strong impact on the way your card is perceived. Try using a ballpoint pen on a creamy note card and think about your message to avoid generic wishes.

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Address the recipient and personalize your message: Customizing your message will make the receiver feel special. Make sure you use their name as opposed to a generic opening statement or salutation. Build a connection with the recipient through the content and words you use to make them feel special.

Specify the reason you’re sending the gift: Let your recipient know that they’re special by telling them why you’ve decided to gift them or send them a holiday card. Are you thanking them for being a good friend or family member? Are you expressing your love to them? Are you sending a note along with a Christmas present? Identifying the reason, you’re sending out the card or gift will make the recipient feel more special.

Sign off your card: While the recipient might know that you’re the one sending them the card or gift, it’s inevitable that you sign it off, preferably with a nickname you use between the two of you or even referencing an inside joke. This would add warmth and sincerity to the greeting.

Show the people you love what they mean to you and why you’re thankful for them in your life before the end of the year. Get your pen and paper ready and get going.

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