Severe storms forecast for the city’s west

Severe thunderstorms could build up over Sydney’s west and move eastwards on Friday afternoon amid an unstable atmosphere.

“There is a really good chance that we could get some storms becoming severe, more likely in the western areas,” meteorologist Helen Kirkup, from the Bureau of Meteorology, said.

The possibility of severe storms has been forecast the Blue Mountains, western Sydney and the Hunter region.

“They are building up, the temperatures are up in the high 20s.”

The Bureau has advised severe thunderstorms are possible across much of the east and north of NSW, likely near the Blue Mountains, western Sydney and the Hunter region.

“Gusty winds, heavy rain and large hail are possible,” it said.

Kirkup said they were “typical summertime storms” with extra heat in the “unstable atmosphere” and converging winds, and were more likely from the middle of the afternoon into the evening, although some could hang around a bit longer.

“In terms of coming right across to the coast, it’s much less of a chance,” she said.

“They build up on the ranges, they come through the western suburbs, do their damage and then disappear mostly before they get to the coast. There’s an outside chance something that’s decent enough could make its way across the [Sydney] metropolitan area to the coastline.”

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