Shruti And Akshara Haasan Bake Pavlova At Home; And We Cant Help But Drool

When you have to remain at home not out of choice, there’s little you can do. But the intense cold wave sweeping parts of the country makes it somehow amusing to stay at home and protect ourselves from the seasonal flu, as well as the ongoing pandemic. What then can you do at home to amuse yourself? “Cooking with family members”, says actress Shruti Haasan. Shruti and her sister Akshara Haasan teamed up recently to bake Pavlova – a dessert popular in New Zealand and Australia. And, they appeared to enjoy the process as seen in a video shared on Instagram.

The Haasan sisters danced and cracked jokes while they spent time together in the kitchen. Shruti said cooking was “my favourite thing” to do with her sister. She also described Akshara as the “most patient person on Earth” when it comes to baking.

Check their fun-filled video here:

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The video showed them breaking eggs and mixing the egg white in a bowl. These are then baked in a relatively cool oven. 

Pavlova is then dressed up with a lot of toppings, preferably fresh fruits and whipped cream. Being gluten-free, pavlova is light and sweet. If you want to make it at home, then here we found a recipe for you. Click here for the recipe

Shruti Haasan has also advised people to stay safe and take the time out while they are at home to cook and eat “a lovely meal with those you love”. “It’s a beautiful thing to do”, she added.

Try this yummy dessert at home and enjoy your family time, Shruti Haasan-style!

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