Software of Futuristic Vehicle Will Be Made and Tested in Costa Rica

Avionyx is called a company that has 100% of its engineering operation in Costa Rica. You may have seen the Jetsons, a cartoon series from the future, where vehicles fly on electronically traced tracks and pipelines.

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And if not, you may have also seen the movie “The Fifth Element” with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, where cars fly over electronically traced highways. Well, it seems that this is how the future of transport is imagined in large cities, with stable vehicles that take off horizontally, travel on an electronically designed route and land in a parking lot with a specific space. These types of vehicles are already being manufactured, and Costa Rica fully participates in that effort with its own human talent.

Avionyx is called a company that has 100% of its engineering operation in Costa Rica and works on the design and manufacture of a flying vehicle that “it will help people to move through a fully electric four-passenger aircraft, that it can take off and land vertically”, in the words of Costa Rica’s president, Carlos Alvarado Quesada. Indeed, our president announced that this company has just signed a contract with Joby Aviation to work precisely in this type of air transport and will hire about 40 more people in its plants.

The contract establishes that Avionyx will provide a software development and verification service to Joby Aviation. “It is a very important step because it promotes and positions Costa Rican talent and the Costa Rican aerospace cluster”, Alvarado Quesada communicated on his social media accounts.

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