Southern Hospitality’s Leva Weighs in on VPR Comparisons

She also shared how Hospitality differs from Charm in terms of how it showcases the South Carolina city.. “You don’t see this side of Charleston on Southern Charm,” Leva said. “You see the traditional, old school ways of the South and those sort of social circles, but there’s such a young, new South here. This is such a hospitality city and these kids are making 100 grand, 150 grand bartending and they have no responsibilities.”

Of course, some of Leva’s VIP hosts and employees can be high-maintenance. “There was one point that I really was almost like, ‘I’m firing all of you. I’m not doing this show,” she shared with a laugh. “Things get dicey.”

Southern Hospitality premieres tonight, Nov. 28, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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