Spotify audiobooks: How to find and purchase titles to listen to in the app – but is it worth it?

However, there are drawbacks, including expense and ease of use. Spotify can also be glitchy.

However, if you’re interested, there are more than 300,000 titles available.

Here’s how you can grab your next favourite novel or memoir on the music-streaming app.

The problem with audiobooks on Spotify

Unfortunately, purchasing and listening to audiobooks isn’t as simple as just tapping and buying them in the Spotify mobile app. Though you can browse audiobooks on the home page and by searching for them, you’ll notice that, when you select a title, there is no visible “buy” or “checkout” button. Instead, upon selecting an audiobook, you’ll see a play icon with a lock next to it. Pressing play at this point will simply tell you that you can’t buy audiobooks in the app, which even Spotify admits is “not ideal”.

In fact, the only way to buy an audiobook is through the Spotify web player. We’ve detailed the steps you need to follow below, after which your purchased titles will appear in the mobile app.

How to find and buy audiobooks on Spotify

Open Spotify on your internet browser, sign in if you haven’t already, and select the search option in the sidebar on the left. Here, you will see the Audiobooks tile, which you can select to browse titles in curated categories including “fantastic first audiobooks”, “What’s new”, “Mystery and Thrillers”, and “Personal Development”, among other genres and titles.

Spotify/Saqib Shah

You can also use search to see if Spotify has a specific audiobook by selecting search on the left and then entering it in the search bar. You can filter the results to just “audiobooks” by selecting the tag below the search bar.

Choose an audiobook by clicking on it and you will see a prominent “buy” button. Select it and you will be taken to a checkout page where you can pay with a credit or debit card.

The audiobook will now be available in the “your library” section of the mobile app for you to listen to.

Spotify/Saqib Shah

As with songs, you can download audiobooks for offline listening when you don’t have access to wi-fi or mobile data.

There is also an automatic bookmarking feature that saves your place so you can pick up listening on the page where you left off.

While speed control can speed up or slow down the pace of the narration, in case you want to flip through a book quickly, or slow down the pace. Once you’ve purchased a book, you can rate it and view its cumulative score, too.

How much are audiobooks on Spotify?

Unlike music and podcasts, audiobooks aren’t free, even on Premium. Below are a selection of books and their prices on Spotify.

  • J K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, £31.90
  • Richard Osman’s The Bullet that Missed, £19.49
  • George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire Book , £31.90
  • Kate Atkinson’s Shrines of Gaiety, £19.49
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama, £17
  • Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, £29.90
  • Rylan Clark’s Ten: The Decade that Changed My Future, £21.90
  • Peter Crouch’s How to be an Ex-Footballer, £15.99
  • Matthew Perry’s Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, £29.90
  • Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton: The Viscount Who Loved Me, £15

How do they compare?

Basically, the only services that offer a comparable amount of audiobooks to Spotify are Audible (owned by Amazon – it has a sale on now) and, which is an independent company that offers a subscription service but offers you three free books.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is also a monthly subscription service but only offers 5,000 audiobooks. However, Prime Reading is free to Prime members and has 1,000 audiobooks. All these sites are a lot cheaper than Spotify.

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