Stephen Colbert Praises Biden’s Jan. 6 Speech

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Stephen Colbert dedicated his Thursday night “Late Show” monologue to the first anniversary of the insurrection at the Capitol.

“It’s important to reflect on a day like this,” Colbert said. “There’s a reason Texas’ motto is not ‘What’s an Alamo?’”

Colbert recapped President Biden’s address regarding the events of Jan. 6, detailing the horrific actions of Trump supporters that day, including “literally defecating in the hallways.”

“Defecating? That is a very delicate, presidential and high-minded way to describe MAGA maniacs smearing poop on the walls: [imitating Biden] ‘These ignoble miscreants absconded with Madam Speaker’s rostrum, set alight their cannabis cigarillos and besmirched these hallowed corridors with their human detritus! The fecal matter — the fecal matter had truly hit the oscillator!’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Biden also chastised Donald Trump for sitting idly by in a private White House dining room, “doing nothing for hours.”

“Excuse me, sir. Since when is downing a KFC family bucket doing ‘nothing?’ He was working hard, and he had the chicken sweats to prove it.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

[imitating Biden taking on Trump] Say hello to my two friends, ‘liberty’ and ‘fair play.’ I’m going to beat the defecation out of ya!”— STEPHEN COLBERT

“I loved that speech today. Truly a powerful speech. That is the Joe Biden I remember! That is the Joe Biden we stole this election for — I mean, voted for!” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“I know that vibe. That’s high school principal after a food fight vibe.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Then just to rub it in, Biden’s like, ‘I would have DM’d you, but I couldn’t find you on Twitter.’” — JIMMY FALLON

“Now, there were some notable absences from the ceremonies today. During a moving moment of silence for the officers who lost their lives, there were only two Republicans on the House floor. The other Republican legislators chose to re-enact Jan. 6 by hiding in fear.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

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