Summer Diet: Surat-Special Cold Cocoa Drink For All Chocolate Lovers (Recipe Video Inside)

The monsoons are right around the corner and most of us are clutching onto the last bits of summer. There are a lot of things that we shouldn’t be drinking in monsoons, but lucky for us, chocolate drinks have their own rules. Cold Cocoa drink, suggested by Youtuber Parul Gupta of the channel “Cook With Parul” is ideally best to beat the heat of summer, but if the summer drink is made of chocolate, then this right there can be drank any time of the year.

As they say, the chocolate lovers don’t just eat their chocolate, they drink it, so here is the perfect chocolate drink recipe.

Summer Diet: How To Make Cold Cocoa Drink

For the cocoa powder:


The heart and soul of this drink is the cold premix powder. To prepare this powder, you will need to blend sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, corn starch for that thick consistency and believe it or not, the last ingredient is custard powder.

Custard powder is the secret ingredient that makes this Surat-style cocoa drink different from other chocolate drinks. If you have vanilla flavoured custard powder, that’s even better!

The best part about making this premix is that it will last for about four to five months. All you need to do is store it in a nice and dry place and whip it out whenever your chocolate cravings hit.

For the chocolate drink:

  • With your premix ready, this famous chocolate drink from Surat will be ready in no time.
  • Start off by heating some milk in a pan. Make sure the heat is on medium and slowly start warming it up.
  • Separate atleast three spoons of this warm milk from the pan and let the rest come to a boil. In this warm milk, add your cocoa mix and stir gently to remove any lumps.
  • Add this slurry to the boiled milk at low heat and keep stirring so that the corn starch does not settle at the bottom of the pan.
  • Add in some dark compound chocolate to make it even more rich and creamy. Makes sure you do not stop stirring.
  • The thick and silky drink is now ready. Make sure you do not heat it up for too long after the chocolate melts completely since it will get much thicker than it needs to.

Watch The Full Recipe Video Of Cold Cocoa Drink Here:

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