Taking Advantage Of Technological Opportunities Will Be The Challenge For Companies In 2022

Remaining competitive, profitable and innovative to find opportunities quickly, as well as working on cultural changes to give employees the freedom to participate, propose and experiment, are challenges for companies facing 2022, and in which, technology will be essential.

Likewise, open online education environments should be created where associates are allowed to train and constantly contribute to innovation processes.Therefore, innovative capacity resides in a diverse workforce in which leaders must value and take advantage of the differences of the teams.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation involves technology, processes, and people, which is why carrying it out successfully will depend on the ability of an organization to overcome obstacles in these three aspects.

Improving the user experience by understanding the new needs and evolution of the markets will also be a great challenge for companies next year in which they must take technology as an ally, considers Martha Ardila, director of sales in Central America and the Caribbean for Red Hat.

“By 2022, closeness to the customer will be an essential aspect to achieve success; It is about millions of clients, who demand personalized services, adapted to their needs and characteristics, which can only be provided with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies,”said Ardila.

Together with tools such as analytics, big data and others, these technologies allow companies to analyze all available information about users and model their behaviors to meet their expectations.

“Also, we forecast that edge computing will be used to solve important global problems, such as sustainability, climate change and fragile supply chains, such asa natural extension of the operations transformation use cases they are already implementing,”added the director.

In this sense, more than 20% of the cloud implementations of the organizations in the region will include edge computing and 15% of the devices and endpoints will execute algorithms with artificial intelligence, according to the Global Tech Outlook 2022 survey.

Similarly, security, management and cloud infrastructures will remain top IT priorities in 2022, according to the same study. Therefore, security at all levels, the cloud, collaborative tools and automation will continue to be part of the technology base for years to come.

“Along with this process of adaptation and adjustment to the new normal, companies will continue to adopt strategies based on native applications in the cloud and cutting-edge technologies to deliver new and better services, as well as products to their customers with innovative solutions that facilitate the lives of all of us”, concluded Ardila.

In 2021, the skills or talent deficit was the main obstacle that prevented companies from succeeding with digital transformation, according to the Red Hat report, in which 1,341 IT professionals from relevant companies around the world participated.

Technologies in companies by 2022:

  • More than 20% of organizations’ cloud deployments in the region will include edge computing
  • 15% of devices and endpoints will run algorithms with artificial intelligence
  • 67% of those interviewed are in stages of transformation, acceleration or leadership
  • 36% of them are accelerating or leading transformation
  • 52% recognized that the pandemic is one of the main reasons why digital transformation initiatives accelerate

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