The crush is on for Air Supply and Sherbet

Air Supply will begin a national tour in Melbourne in late January. Then it’s lack overseas.

By the time Sherbet arrived from South Africa at 3 pm, the fans, mostly girls, were ready for action.

The screaming went on until Sherbet was safely into the interview room.

Home for Christmas: (from left) Sherbet’s Harvey James, Daryl Braithwaite, Alan Sandow and Garth PorterCredit:Staff photographer

Sherbet toured Canada and Europe with the Hollies and have been invited back to Canada and Germany next year.

“We had amazing success in Germany.” said Daryl Braithwaite, the lead singer. “They didn’t know us from a bar of soap when we went there, and now we’ve been asked to tour.”

All through the tour — Thailand, South Africa, Scandinavia, Canada, Europe — Sherbet played to older audiences, in the 18-to-25 group. When it played with the Hollies, there were 28 and 30-year-olds in the audience.


“We learnt to relax on the tour because we were playing to older audiences, and they weren’t screaming all the time,” Daryl said. “People said it was like listening to a group playing in their loungeroom, nice and relaxed.”

“We were even compared with the Bee Gees because of our harmonies.”

Sherbet is back for two concerts only, in Melbourne on January 6 and at Victoria Park, Sydney, at a 2SM concert on January 8.

Sherbet’s new album will be released around July or August.

The album in question was Sherbet, self-titled despite it being their seventh long-player. In North America, however, the album was titled Highway 1 by Highway.

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