The most memorable Blind Dates of 2021

If you pick up Play each week and immediately flick to the back of the magazine to read Blind Date, you’re not alone.

Like you, the team here at Play are a bunch of incurable romantics and we remain ever hopeful that one day there will be a Blind Date wedding.

The popular section returns next week but for our first edition of 2022, we thought we would take a look back at the most memorable dates of last year — these are the dates that made us laugh, made us cringe and made our hearts swell.

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Best one-liner: Technically, this one-liner didn’t happen during a date but rather later, when Tamika was talking our resident cupid, Stephanie McKenna, through her thoughts on the date.

Tamika awarded the date with Aden (BD 20/2) a seven out of 10 and summarised it thus: “It wasn’t amazing crazy love but I didn’t want to throw a drink his face, so that was really great.”

We are sure Aden was pretty relieved about that, too.

Strangest question to ask a date: When Sam and Gemma went on their date (10/4), Sam didn’t just ask the usual, what do you do? Where did you go to school? What do you like to do in your spare time? Instead, he threw Gemma a bit of a curve ball.

“My favourite question is: ‘If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would you pick?” Sam explained. “I was expecting she was going to be a dolphin but she said dog. That’s perfect, you know, happy life. And then I just rattled off my answer. I think being an orca whale would be great. You’ve got the sense of community, big family, get to travel a lot and you’re intelligent.” “Gemma was like, ‘you’ve obviously thought about this a lot’. Uh huh.

Blind Date - Charles  Owers and Leticia Dick at The Royal on Tuesday December 7th, 2021.
Charles Owers & Leticia Dick 
Picture by John Koh.
Camera IconCharles and Leticia. Credit: John Koh/The West Australian

The date we would have liked to eavesdrop on: Leticia and Charles discovered a mutual love of karaoke when they caught up for their date (18/12). The duo even decided to showcase their skills there and then.

“My song is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera,” Leticia said. “I started singing it and he started singing along with me at the table.”

While there was no romantic spark, Charles said the pair would definitely catch up again.

“Leticia will be coming to my next karaoke party,” he said. “I look forward to friendship and karaoke good times ahead.”

Blind Date - Alex Smith & Jess Gummer at The Royal on Wednesday November 17th, 2021.
Jess Gummer & Alex Smith 
Picture by John Koh.
Camera IconAlex and Jess. Credit: John Koh/The West Australian

Kookiest thing that’s happened on a date: When Alex arrived for his date with Jess (27/11), he found her hard at work crotcheting.

“I brought my crochet with me because I got there a little bit early and ended up making a tiny purple hat by the end of the date. It’s really tiny and fits on a wine glass. I gave it to him as a little present.”Alex was rather chuffed with the gift. “It was a little wizard’s hat. To be fair, it’s far too small for my head.”

Blind Date - Travis Brinnand & Kesslyn Baird at La Cholita on Wednesday November 17th, 2021.
Travis Brinnand & Kesslyn Baird 
Picture by John Koh.
Camera IconTravis and Kesslyn. Credit: John Koh/The West Australian

Most unexpected conversation topic: The planets aligned when Kesslyn was matched with kindred spirit Travis (4/12).

While romance didn’t exactly blossom, the pair discovered they could reveal their true selves to each other.

“We talked about aliens, that was probably a highlight,” Kesslyn, 30, said.

“We talked about our UFO experiences – it’s a bit wacky. He’s got a full science background and has made contact with alien life multiple times. I had an experience about five or six years ago in Perth and also in Palm Springs.”

Worst date etiquette: Things did not go well when Danni met up with Jesse (3/7). The fact that Jesse brought up the calorie count of their pints of beer was a bit of a red flag for Danni but could never have imagined what was to come: “The Eagles v Richmond game was playing when we met up. He mentioned the game just before the food came out,” Danni said.

Then the footy came up again. “He was like, ‘I’ve just seen the score, it’s such a good game’. I was thinking, ‘three times now, you’ve mentioned this blasted footy game.”

So trying to be nice Danni suggested they head somewhere to watch the game. But once they were out on the street Jesse made his intentions clear. “He looked me straight in the face and this is a direct quote because I wrote it down straight away, (he said) ‘so watching the footy is something I’ll be doing solo’. I didn’t know what to say.” We are actually quite surprised Danni still gave the date five out of 10.

Warmest, fuzziest date round-up: While things didn’t work out between Leighton and Terence (21/8) they were one of the many couples who were convinced their Blind Date would lead to an ongoing friendship.

“I had the best time,” said Leighton. “One hundred percent I’ll see him again. I’m definitely going to catch this show that he’s working on that he told me about because it sounds amazing. I’ll be front row for sure.”

Terence had equally nice things to say about Leighton: “He’s a great person. Whoever he ends up with and the people who are around him are very lucky.”

Awww. The pair keep in regular contact and even bumped into each other at Pride, where they “had a boogie together,” according to Leighton.

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