Thembi Terry Whande fancies chances at Roil BAA gong

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

AS the premier Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards near, creatives are solidifying reasons why they are the perfect candidate to win gongs and one such creative is online magazine journalist Thembi Terry Whande who has a chance of winning an Outstanding Arts Journalist award (All Media).

The sixth installment of the awards will be held on Saturday night at the Bulawayo City Hall auditorium.

Representing Ingudukazi Magazine, Thembi Terry will battle it out with the big boys and a girl from mainstream media houses and these include Bruce Ndlovu (Sunday News), Sharon Sibindi (Newsday), and Langalakhe Mabena (B-Metro).

Thembi Terry told this publication that being in the company of reporters from mainstream media is unique.

“It’s a unique opportunity to be the only nominee from an online magazine. This is where we truly see the differences between online and mainstream media. I have more digital tools available to me at my disposal.

“For example, I was able to write a protected blog post and ask people to send proof of voting for me in order to receive the password. This helped me gauge my influence and readership. This is huge, not just for me, but for other digital storytellers. It shows it can be done. From here, you can create protected content and make people pay for the password. It’s nothing short of inspiring if I do say so myself,” she said.

The journalist said this year has been an eventful one.

“It’s (this year) been a rollercoaster. 2022 has been a year of learning. We rebranded Khura Agency and got started on a few projects to recalibrate ourselves with the arts industry countrywide. We had fun with Scripts and Bars with Kay Media which was supported by the British Council. We also had the Bulawayo Music Sounds TikTok Challenge where 22 creatives made TikToks to Bulawayo Music as sounds.

“We have seen more platforms/events being created for creatives and having a great turnout. This meant more content for us to cover at iNgudukazi Magazine. We wouldn’t have been nominated in two categories if artistes weren’t giving us content to write about, review and showcase.

“The win for iNgudukazi Magazine should actually be dedicated to the artistes. iMagazine yiMagazine ngama artists,” added Terry.





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