This two-ingredient drink will help relieve constipation

Sedentary lifestyle, irregular sleeping habits and consumption of unhealthy foods can all lead to constipation and other digestive problems. While there are certain tried and tested remedies that promise to relieve the chronic condition, it is equally essential to also make certain lifestyle changes that can go a long way in ensuring optimum health.

Fitness influencer Nidhi Gupta, who keeps sharing useful diet and health hacks, recently shared a simple home remedy to clear constipation.

As per Gupta, fig milk can help.

How to make?


2 – Figs
1 cup – Low fat milk


*Boil a cup of milk with two figs.
*Consume the milk along with the figs.

When to have?

Best time to consume is post-dinner, said Gupta, adding: “Try for a few days to see best results.”.

How does fig help?

As per experts, figs are a rich source of fibre that are essential for digestion and easy bowel movement.

“Your bowel habits are a strong indicator of your digestive health,” said Dr Nitika Kohli in an earlier Instagram post, adding that there are a number of “quick-fix ways to encourage a dormant gut to relieve you of bowel movements“.

What other habits can help?

*Eat a balanced healthy meal comprising whole grains and complex carbs
*Include fruits and vegetables in your diet
*Drink water — don’t be dehydrated
*Include chia and flax seeds in your diet .
*Fruits like papaya, banana and guava can help

Have you tried this before?

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