This Weird Cake Made With Tomato Ketchup Has Divided Reddit Users

Ketchup is one condiment that we love to pair with anything and everything. Be it French fries or Bread Rolls, omelette or sandwiches – there are so many dishes that taste better with a little bit of ketchup on the side. Even some desi snacks like Samosa and Kachori can make for a wonderful pairing for the humble tomato ketchup. Not many people know that this accompaniment can also be used as a versatile ingredient during cooking. The tomato-based delight can instantly sweeten the taste of Indian gravies and curries. But can you imagine a cake made with tomato ketchup? A Reddit user shared a picture of a weird ketchup cake that looked exactly like red velvet cake but was made with ketchup instead. Take a look:

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The post was shared in the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood by user u/SilentCitadel, where it has received over 3.4k upvotes and hundreds of comments. In the photo, the recipe for ‘Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake’ was shared. We found that the original recipe used half a cup of ketchup in its making along with some additional red food colouring to spruce things up. There was also a YouTube tutorial in a three-part series by a food blogger named Gregory Nuttle for the bizarre ketchup cake.

Reddit users were left divided after seeing the bizarre ketchup cake. Some insisted that the cake was not a Canadian speciality at all. “I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard of this abomination,” said one user. Others said that there was also a cake made with tomato soup.

Take a look at the best reactions:

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